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Lake Liberty

Named in relation with the nearby Lake Geneva, "Lake Liberty", the name, is a tribute to the harmonious, free and truly democratic country of Switzerland where we are based.

Lake Liberty, the company, is an innovative Swiss software company run by professionals from 3 continents ...

There Is No Solution Without Innovation!

At the heart of the company's ethos lays a culture of contributing to society - in its own small way - through innovative business solutions.

Leveraging The Connected World!

Connectivity is a core element of most modern innvoations, evident from the Internet to the iPhone and mobile apps. Lake Liberty goes one step further in its endeavours towards "connected solutions".

True, impactful and massive positive change can only arise from mass action leverage by connectivity! That is why Lake Liberty focuses on core connections that are capable of leveraging the networks of people and businesses using its solutions.




  • Chemin de la Vieille-Ferme 13,
    1255 Veyrier, Geneva, Switzerland



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